Tell Maryland: Conowingo Dam Owner Should Help Clean Up the Susquehanna River

We need your help! The health of the Chesapeake Bay and Susquehanna River depend on it.

Tell the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) that Exelon Corporation – the owner and operator of Conowingo Dam – must play a role in the cleanup efforts around the Dam.

The Conowingo Dam, on the Susquehanna River, has held back sediment and other pollutants for decades, but recent research shows that the Dam reservoir has filled up with sediment and associated nutrients much faster than expected.

At least 100 million tons of sediment need to be removed!

If a major, catastrophic-level storm happens, this sediment can and will be mobilized and delivered downstream – smothering aquatic grasses that provide food, habitats and oxygen for marine life in the Chesapeake Bay. It’s not a matter of if a major, catastrophic-level storm will happen, but when.

Exelon Corporation has recently filed an application with MDE to re-license the Dam for another 46 years. MDE has the opportunity to approve, deny or place “conditions” on the Dam’s license through this process – and can require that Exelon take steps to mitigate some of the environmental harms this Dam has caused.

MDE needs to hear from you on this important issue! We can’t wait another 46 years before taking action!

The public has until January 15, 2018 to submit written comments to MDE on the re-licensing of Conowingo Dam.

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