Act Now to Ban Fracking in Maryland! #DontFrackMD


BREAKING NEWS!  On March 17, Governor Hogan announced his full support of statewide ban on fracking. The House passed a statewide fracking ban bill (HB1325)! Now, it's time for the Senate to  pass a ban bill!  We urge you to call Senator Mike Miller (888-997-5380) and to send emails TODAY to support HB1325 and SB740! The moratorium ends this October 2017 and regulations are not enough. We need to #DontFrackMD!

We're running out of time! The Senate needs to act next week to pass a statewide fracking ban bill. Call Senator Miller at 888-997-5380!

Here's what to say:
"My name is ____ and I live in ____. I’m part of the majority of Marylanders opposed to fracking in our state. Please support only a total ban on fracking in Maryland, and bring the fracking ban bill up for a vote in the Senate.”

A growing body of peer-reviewed evidence finds that fracking simply cannot be done without risk to public health and the environment—and that regulations are not capable of preventing harm.

No state has developed and enforced regulations protective enough of the environment and public health to warrant allowing it. In fact, Maryland’s proposed regulations are remarkably weak and would put our drinking water, air and health in danger.

If you haven't already done so, send an email to your Maryland representative today (use form on the right).

Maryland shale basinsWhile Garrett and Allegany counties would be immediately and disproportionately burdened if fracking proceeds, the long-term impacts would be felt across Maryland. Federal approval of the Cove Point natural gas export terminal will spur development of natural gas pipelines and compressor stations across the state, resulting in additional air and water impacts

Sustainable jobs from tourism and agriculture, as well as from future economic development and green jobs, could be lost due to the industrialization that accompanies drilling and fracking. While the oil and gas industry seeks to profit from selling Maryland's gas, we would be the ones left with the legacy of pollution.

Governor Hogan and the gas industry want to start fracking as soon as the current two-year moratorium expires. If the industry succeeds, generations of Marylanders would pay the environmental and public health costs.

We need a statewide fracking ban to safeguard Maryland's long-term future. Send an email or call today to support a ban on fracking (SB740 & HB1325) to protect the health and environment of Maryland residents.

For clean water,

Betsy Nicholas, Executive Director

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