Tell Mayor Frey: Sign Fair Drives Safe Rides Now!

Update: On Thursday August 17, the majority of the Minneapolis City Council stood with workers and passed a policy that will protect basic workers’ rights and dignified wages for thousands of Uber and Lyft drivers. On a vote of 7-5, the Fair Rides, Safe Drives ordinance passed and is heading to the Mayor’s desk for a signature or veto. We urge Mayor Frey to stand with workers and sign this ordinance into law.


Minneapolis City Council Members Robin Wonsley, Jamal Osman, and Jason Chavez are bringing forward the Fair Drives Safe Rides policy to ensure dignified wages for thousands of Uber and Lyft drivers and protect workers rights. This legislation was written in partnership with drivers, riders, national experts, and city staff to ensure it is the strong policy drivers have been asking for and deserve for their families.

Rideshare driving is crucial work that keeps our city functioning, yet often drivers make far below the wages they need to support their families. Drivers provide their own car, gas, and insurance. They receive no employment benefits and have no guaranteed wage levels. Many riders and drivers have examples of the driver receiving a tiny share of what the rider paid. Drivers have stories of being assaulted, carjacked, or harassed by riders and receiving no help from the rideshare companies. Drivers also have their accounts deactivated by the rideshare companies without explanation or recourse, leaving the driver without a source of income.

Forcing drivers to choose between feeding their families or maintaining their car put riders at risk. Riders are seeing increases in fares but drivers aren't seeing any increase in pay. Its time for corporations like Uber and Lyft to pay their fair share.

A large majority of rideshare drivers in Minneapolis are workers of color, many of whom are East African. The lack of minimum wages and workers’ rights protections in the industry is a racial and economic justice failure that this policy will help correct.

Policy highlights:

  • Guarantees drivers a minimum compensation of $0.51 per minute and $1.40 per mile that they have a rider in the vehicle, amounts that increase annually proportional to the city’s minimum wage.
  • Guarantees riders and drivers get receipts detailing how much the rider was charged, how much the driver received, and how much went to the company
  • Establishes rights and timelines for a driver to challenge a deactivation and legal representation in such challenges.
  • Gives the city the authority to create and/or fund a nonprofit drivers resource center to support in education, advocacy, and legal representation for drivers.

The full text of the policy is available here.

Join us in telling Mayor Frey and the Minneapolis City Council to pass Fair Drives Safe Rides!

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