Tell Members of Congress to Expand the Child Tax Credit!

Right now, the cost of living is higher than it's been in 40 years, and families are struggling. In 2021, the expanded Child Tax Credit helped millions of families across the U.S. keep their heads above water financially and drastically cut poverty. In fact, the monthly, fully refundable Child Tax Credit lifted 10,000 of Maine’s children from poverty, and 91% of children in the state benefited from the program.

It's time to bring back that support for families.

This week, Congress is likely to finalize a package of tax policies that will include corporate tax breaks. We need to send a clear message to Washington that any tax package needs to include support for families, not just businesses. It needs to include the Child Tax Credit.

Right now, Congress is hearing from big business, not American families like yours. We are the people who know how critical cash is to making a household work. We are the people our members of congress need to hear from today.

Send a quick email message to your Senator and Congress member, and urge them to include expansion of the CTC -- support for families, not just businesses -- in any tax package.