Tell Michigan legislators to protect healthcare and oppose risky Medicaid work requirements

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Contact your Representative now. On April 19, the Michigan Senate Republicans (save one) passed costly, bureaucratic and problematic work requirements on those who need Medicaid—requirements that would take healthcare away from our state's most vulnerable residents. Each day, the bill is closer to passing in the House, and we need your help to stop it.

This attack on Medicaid could complicate and even eliminate the cost-effective, life-saving healthcare it provides for Michiganders with low incomes. It’s important that people who can work have access to better job training, transportation and child care so they can get better jobs. We can do that here in Michigan-–without taking health care away from anybody.

We need your help to stop it and stand up for Medicaid and the people it supports. Contact your legislator today through the form on this page.

It is a health program—not a jobs program—and this legislation will make it harder for struggling residents to get and keep their healthcare.

What’s wrong with Medicaid work requirements? A lot. Here are some of the primary concerns:

High cost. Cost estimates for Medicaid work requirements in Kentucky are nearly $187 million for the first six months. In Tennessee, they are expected to cost $18.7 million a year. (Federal funding is expected to largely cover the cost.) The savings states are hoping to see will largely come from people losing their coverage – even if they aren’t able to find jobs that do provide health care.

Lost healthcare coverage and burdensome bureaucracy for recipients. Complex paperwork for exemptions, coverage “lockouts” of up to a year for noncompliance and additional requirements for employers add layers of complication to the program.

Exemptions will be hard to get. Narrow definitions and the difficulty of obtaining medical records and other documents will create additional problems for recipients, businesses and employers, healthcare providers and Medicaid offices.

Rural hospitals will suffer. People cut off from Medicaid will no longer be able to see a doctor for their health care. But they will still get sick. So they will go to the emergency room, where costs are highest, and then be unable to pay their bills – sticking hospitals with the bill. Rural hospitals, where there are many Medicaid patients, will see uncompensated care skyrocket again – and some will be forced to close.

Imposing new bureaucratic requirements on Medicaid beneficiaries is a bad idea. It will mean higher costs overall for Michigan.

Please contact your State Representative through the form on this page today and tell them to oppose Senate Bill 897 and any other efforts to implement Medicaid work requirements in Michigan.

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Tell your story: If Medicaid keeps you healthy and helps you work or look for a job, tell your story. We also want to hear from you if you are on Medicaid and unable to work and are worried about what this bill will mean to you.

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