Tell NOAA: brief Trump on climate change

Apparently Donald Trump has never been briefed on climate change. The acting head of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration confirmed that Trump has never been briefed. Nor has NOAA been asked to give a briefing.

Take action -- Write a letter to NOAA asking the agency to brief Trump on climate change. We’ve drafted a letter for you, but please add in your own words to make it even more powerful.

And tell NOAA to use easy words and lots of pictures.

Science doesn’t seem to matter to Trump. NOAA still doesn’t have a head -- Trump’s 2017 nominee won’t get a vote this year. Trump finally nominated someone to head the Office of Science, Technology, and Policy in July 2018, over 18 months after taking office, but that nominee also won’t get a vote in the 115th Congress. So the job of briefing Trump on matters like warming atmosphere and rising oceans has fallen on NOAA’s acting administrator, Timothy Gallaudet. And he’s never briefed Trump. And Trump keeps saying dumb things contradicting science.

That needs to change. From deadly California fires to equally deadly Gulf hurricanes, the impacts are dire. And the federal government’s National Climate Assessment lays out the science.

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