Tell NY State Legislators: Protect Workers and Stop a Second Wave of COVID-19

Right now there is a health and safety crisis in workplaces across New York. Workers in nursing homes and assisted living facilities are without proper personal protective equipment; sanitation workers collecting medical waste without masks and gloves; warehouse workers in crowded, fast-paced conditions without means to socially distance or time to wash their hands frequently; and farmworkers whose living quarters are so tight that infection rates have spiraled out of control.

That is why we are asking you to send a letter to your New York state legislator urging them to pass legislation so our workers and communities are adequately protected from Covid-19. We have a premade letter ready to go, but you are welcome to send your own stories regarding health and safety issues in the workplace.

The fight to protect workers and our community from COVID-19 is far from over. Case numbers, hospitalizations, and deaths are surging to new heights throughout the country. In New York, workers still remain inadequately protected, risking a state-wide second wave spread in already devastated communities.

Join us to let our state legislators know that our message is loud and clear: stop a second wave of Covid-19, protect workers now!