Tell NYC Department of Education: Include Armenian-American Studies in the Mosaic Curriculum!

The New York City Department of Education is currently deciding on an Ethnic Studies Mosaic Curriculum for its public school students. This model will be taught to New York City students and is the product of years of advocacy by Ethnic Studies educators and practitioners.

As Armenian-Americans, we believe it is imperative that Armenian-American Studies is included in the curriculum. Along with all West Asian-American, and Asian-American Studies.

Our children deserve to see their histories reflected and uplifted in their classrooms. Our community in the United States and abroad is under attack, and residents of the U.S. must learn about our lives, histories, and issues.

Armenian-American Studies and all West Asian-American Studies must be included in New York’s Mosaic. West Asian-American Studies is Asian-American Studies and is part of the next generation of exciting and empowering work within Ethnic Studies.

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