Tell OUSD: Community, Not Closures!

A banner reading "TELL OUSD: COMMUNITY, NOT CLOSURES" against a background panoramic photo from a No School Closures march, Oakland, Spring 2022

The OUSD school board has voted to close schools and sideline the communities fighting back. We've marched and petitioned, gone on hunger strikes, held a district-wide 1-day strike, and now, led by parents and students, occupied Parker School in East Oakland for nearly three weeks in an effort to hold OUSD accountable. Now we have one more chance to try to save the schools facing closure. We must continue to hold the line to defend public education and protect our public resources from profit-hungry interests: Stand with all the schools under threat and Tell The OUSD Board: Community, Not Closures!

We've written a resolution that will reverse the closures of Parker and La Escuelita 6-8; require a plan for students who would be assigned to Community Day School to be able to stay in Oakland; require the Superintendent to work with school communities slated for closure next year to come up with alternative plans; and prompt OUSD to repair the harm their reckless closure decisions have caused students, families, teachers, and staff.

Please tell the Board to hear and pass this resolution to reverse and repair the damage done by its closures this year. The school board is obligated to hear our voices! OUSD Board Policy 9322* and Section 35145.5 of the CA Ed Code allow members of the public to bring relevant business before the school board. Then it’s up to Board President Gary Yee to put it on the agenda as an action item the board can vote on – so he and his colleagues need to hear from you!

Send a letter directly to the OUSD Board of Directors and Superintendent urging them to hear this resolution! Use the pre-written letter, or edit it however you see fit. We only have a few days to send as many letters as we can – please send your letters by this Friday, June 17!

*Public Requested Items on the Agenda

Members of the public may request, in writing, that specific matters directly related to School District business be placed on the agenda of a regular meeting of the Board. The Board President shall determine when to place the requested item on a Board agenda and whether to do so as a presentation, discussion, or action item.

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