Tell Pres. Trump and USTR: Re-Negotiation "Plan" Will Create Same NAFTA or Worse


After decades, we've arrived at the moment when the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) will be re-negotiated, something Witness for Peace and our partners have demanded for decades. But the Trump administration’s recently-released plan for renegotiating NAFTA fails miserably to provide a road map to replace it with a deal that is fair to the majority of people in Mexico, the US, and Canada. Instead, it retreads aspects of the same, bad trade policies that have for decades further empowered and privileged big business over people and the environment. And all signs point to it resulting in an agreement that will continue to economically displace people in Mexico (especially in the countryside) and spur forced migration.

While Trump opposed the then-proposed "NAFTA on steroids" Trans-Pacifc Partnership (TPP) on the campaign trail, members of his administration have done an about-face and said on a number of occasions that they'll actually use the failed TPP as the model for NAFTA renegotiation. The administration's hypocrisy and underhandedness on this underscores just how much harder we’ll need to fight if we’re going to move the administration from an agreement that's as bad as NAFTA or even worse.

We have to hold President Trump accountable to his promise of better trade deals for working families--here in the US, in Mexico, and in Canada--but it’s going to take all of us holding his administration accountable and standing firm for trade justice. Please take action NOW.

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