Tell Seattle City Council: Cap Late Fees at $10 a Month

Text "Stay Housed Stay Healthy" over a purple apartment building against a blue city skyline and mountains.
Art by Stevie Van Bronkhorst

Join us in urging the Seattle City Council to cap late fees at $10 a month and prohibit predatory "notice delivery fees"!

There is currently no Seattle regulation preventing landlords from charging obscenely high late fees. Tenants may see charges of $200 or more added to their rental ledger, threatening their ongoing ability to stay housed. Landlords have also begun charging “notice delivery fees” on top of high late fees. That's right, your landlord will impose an extra charge for delivering a late fee notice or other type of notice to you.

The cities of Auburn and Burien have both capped late fees at $10. It’s time for Seattle to follow their lead.

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