Tell Senators McConnell and Paul: Provide aid to struggling families and protect jobs, healthcare and public services


Kentuckians have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic and deepest economic downturn since the Great Depression. With hundreds of thousands of Kentuckians out of work and the active public health crisis keeping many businesses closed, people are struggling to make ends meet and worried about the future.

Making matters worse, steep drops in sales and income tax revenue plus unexpected costs to contain the virus are threatening our state’s ability to fund critical public services. Without federal aid, state lawmakers will be forced to make deep cuts in basic programs that will mean fewer teachers and health care workers and less access to important services just when Kentuckians need them the most.

But there is something you can do now to help protect Kentucky families and to set the stage for economic recovery. Before the Senate reconvenes on July 20 and negotiations begin on the next phase of COVID-19 relief, Senators Paul and McConnell need to hear from as many of us as possible about what that package must include.

Please join us in calling on Senators McConnell and Paul to protect families and keep our communities going until this pandemic and the recession are behind us. The next COVID-19 relief legislation must:      

  • Continue expanded federal unemployment benefits until it is safe to go back to work and jobs have returned to our state;
  • Increase the maximum SNAP food assistance benefit by 15% and boost housing assistance until families are back on their feet;
  • Increase the federal Medicaid match to help cover health care costs for sick Kentuckians and those out of a job;
  • Provide federal aid to state and local governments to protect tens of thousands of Kentucky jobs and the critical public services we all rely on.

As the Senate Majority Leader, Senator McConnell will play a central role in these congressional negotiations. For our neighbors, our state and the country, Congress must act. Both Senators Paul and McConnell need to hear from you, and the next couple weeks are critical.

Tell Senator Paul and McConnell: Kentucky’s families and our communities need aid now so we can rebound quickly.