Tell Senator McConnell: Provide aid to struggling Kentucky families and communities

Gage Skidmore

Kentuckians are struggling through the most unprecedented economic and health crisis of our time — and only Congress can provide the relief we all need.

We face an active public health crisis, jobless Kentuckians experiencing rising hunger and economic turmoil causing big problems for our state, communities and families. Half measures like the “skinny” proposal that failed to pass the Senate won’t cut it. We need Senator McConnell to put politics aside and use his role as Majority Leader to negotiate and deliver real aid to Kentuckians and all Americans.

Your voice matters. Join people from across the country who are right now calling on their elected representatives to do what’s right. Tell Senator McConnell what must be included in a speedy, robust new aid package in order to address the hardships people in your community are facing at this very moment.

If he does not act, those problems will only deepen, and our economy will falter even further.

The next COVID-19 relief legislation must, among other important measures:      

  • Restart the $600 boost to unemployment benefits and keep it going until it is safe to go back to work and jobs have returned to our state;
  • Provide rent relief and increase SNAP food assistance benefits until families are back on their feet;
  • Increase federal Medicaid funding to help cover health care costs for sick Kentuckians and those out of a job;
  • Cover state and local government revenue shortfalls to protect Kentucky jobs and the critical public services like education and health we all rely on.

Without this relief, hardship will deepen. Kentuckians will not be able to make ends meet, schools and libraries will be forced to make cuts and layoffs, and our economy will grind to a halt.

Congress must act. Tell Senator McConnell: Kentucky’s families and our communities need a bridge to the other side of this pandemic and recession.