Tell South Carolina Legislators to STOP EXECUTIONS!

For South Carolina Residents:

The South Carolina Senate has passed legislation to allow for alternative methods of execution, including burning prisoners to death in the electric chair, or shooting them with a firing squad. The bill moves on to the South Carolina House of Representatives and as of March 18, 2021 it awaits action in the House Judiciary Committee.

This is the WRONG conversation. It really does not matter HOW we kill our prisoners. The problem is THAT we kill prisoners at all, particularly when the criminal legal system is as broken as it is. The death penalty is racist, biased against the poor, makes mistakes and wastes resources which could be much better used to prevent crime and help the co-victims of murder - those who have loved ones who have been murdered.  The bottom line: Government cannot be trusted with the power to kill.

Please use this tool to write to your representative in the South Carolina House of Representatives to let them know how you feel.

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