Tell Thai Government: Free Andy Hall!


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Andy Hall, a British human rights activist based in Thailand, is defending himself in court against charges of criminal defamation and computer crimes. Andy helped conduct research at a Thai pineapple export company called Natural Fruit for a report published by the Finnish NGO Finnwatch. The report documented serious human rights violations in one of Natural Fruit’s factories that included child labour, confiscation of identity documents such as passports and working permits, harassment, and physical abuse. Natural Fruit decided to bring charges against Andy Hall instead of addressing the findings. They are trying to silence him and the workers who spoke out rather than stop the abuse and human rights violations that occur in their factories!  

If found guilty, Andy Hall faces 7 years in prison, as well as fines and penalties. Thailand must stop judicial harassment to silence human rights defenders!

Have your voice be heard! Australian consumers may buy the goods produced by Natural Fruit, and Thailand’s economy relies on our tourism dollars. Send a message to the Thai Embassy in Canberra demanding that the Thai Government drop these charges and stop using criminal defamation and the Computer Crimes Act to silence those who speak out!

Letter Campaign by
International Labor Rights Forum
Washington, District of Columbia