Tell the CEO of Ofgem: The discrimination must stop now!

We are asking you to take action to win the first step towards Energy for All.

Send this letter to Ofgem CEO Jonathan Brearley, the big boss at the energy regulator, to demand action on a grotesque injustice, which was just brought to our attention.

So far 40 energy suppliers have gone bust. Did you realise that Ofgem have loaded all the costs of failing energy suppliers not just onto our bills, but onto the standing charge element of our bills, the part that no one can avoid however much we cut down our usage! This policy will have the biggest impact on the people who can least afford it. Why should people who are already rationing heating end up paying for the bad decision making of energy retailers, the government and Ofgem itself?!

We believe Ofgem can be made to back down on this policy, if you help drive the point home. This would be a first step towards Energy For All, reversing the lethal situation where people with least pay most.
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