Tell the Cerritos College Board of Trustees: Time for a fair contract & equitable salary increase for all faculty

Cerritos College Faculty Federation (CCFF) and the District began negotiations in the height of the pandemic, to address our increased and largely unpaid work, secure wages that reflect our experience and qualifications, and build toward a more equity focused workplace.

The California Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) has officially declared that our negotiations with the District are at impasse. We enter impasse after more than fifteen (15) months of negotiations, having exchanged over sixty (60) proposals with the District over about 25 different bargaining sessions.

However, the District is not interested in CCFF's economic proposal, instead, the District is only interested in off schedule lump sum payments. Off schedule lump sum payments do not begin to address the skyrocketing rate of inflation, which would mean a pay cut for our members in terms of real purchasing power.

We demand the pay we deserve for our extra efforts over the past two years. We deserve the dignity of being treated with respect. We deserve to be treated as professionals. We demand a pay raise for the sacrifices we make for our students. We demand a wage that honors our own families!

We will continue to organize and leverage every possible pressure on our administrators before we get to a strike, but it’s possible that nothing less than a strike can stanch the brain drain that is depriving talented, qualified, and experienced faculty of improved working conditions and fair compensation.

Please send a letter to the Board of Trustees today! Faculty, students, staff and community members, let’s tell our Trustees, faculty deserve a fair contract and COLA+

Letter Campaign by
Lynn Wang
La Habra, California