Tell the DC Council to Support Social Housing

Petition for Social Housing

We need publicly-owned social housing in DC that keeps working class people in the city and puts families before developer’s profits.

Write a letter to demand the Council pass the Green New Deal for Housing!!

Housing is a human right and every DC resident has the right to a safe, clean and stable place to live. After leaving the District’s housing crisis solely to private developers for decades, working families have been pushed out of DC or faced higher housing costs so developers and private investors can make more profits.

The DC Council must take bold action by passing the Green New Deal for Housing bill so the District can build publicly owned affordable housing that keeps working people in DC and benefits residents over developers. Popularized in Vienna, social housing allows cities like DC to build, manage, and grow a stock of mixed-income, publicly-owned housing. Moreover, by creating a public option for housing, we’ll drive down rents in private market housing, benefiting everyone.

Green New Deal for Housing would allow the District to:

  1. Build housing within thriving transit-connected neighborhoods so working class DC residents can stay within the heart of our city, closer to their jobs, communities, and other services;

  2. Ensure the largest percentage of that housing is deeply affordable so residents are paying a reasonable rate to live here;

  3. Use revenue from a smaller percentage of market rate units to ensure DC’s social housing stock is well-maintained and financially sustainable. Revenue in excess of maintenance costs can be used to expand affordability or help fund additional social housing;

  4. And allow the District to take huge strides towards its climate goals by taking a large amount of housing off natural gas and toward the highest quality and energy efficient standards

Metro DC DSA has joined the Green New Deal for DC campaign, a growing coalition of activists, housing advocates, climate organizers, unions, and allies on the Council to pass a social housing bill which would create an agency tasked with building, managing, and growing social housing in the District.

Write a letter now to demand your councilmember support the movement for social housing!

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