Tell the House Judiciary Committee to Say 'NO' to More Money in Politics

On Monday, the West Virginia Senate passed a major campaign finance overhaul bill (SB 539) that would decrease disclosure of political spending while also increasing the amount of money that can be given to the candidates, political action committees (PACs), and political parties.

The bill is now before the House Judiciary Committee. We need you to act now by sending a letter to committee members urging them to oppose SB 539.

We need more disclosure in our elections, NOT more money! If we want to discourage negative attack ads, give candidates the ability to respond, and inform voters about who's trying to influence their votes the best thing we can do is require those who are spending money on our elections to disclose to the source of the money.

Just enter your info into the form at the right to contact House Judiciary Committee members NOW and tell them to oppose SB 539.