Tell the Primary and Secondary Education Committee to give HB 171 a Proponent Testimony Hearing!

Our legislators work for us and despite bringing almost 200 community members to the Statehouse, the Primary and Secondary Education Committee has yet to give us the opportunity to give proponent testimony and share why this bill is so important to all of us! Send an email today to make your voice heard and let the legislators know that this bill needs to be a top priority this year.  

What is HB 171?

We worked alongside Representative Mary Lightbody to introduce House Bill 171, which uses the existing model curriculum review process to update Ohio’s K-12 social studies curriculum to include age- and grade-appropriate instruction in the migration journeys, experiences, and societal contributions of a range of communities in Ohio and the United States, including all of the following:

  • African American communities;

  • Asian American and Pacific Islander communities;

  • Arab, African, and North African immigrant, refugee, and asylee communities;

  • Appalachian communities;

  • Jewish communities;

  • Latin American communities;

  • Native American communities.