Tell the Sac City School Board to Put Students First

Sacramento City schools are in jeopardy. Superintendent Jorge Aguilar and the School Board have failed to put students first.

Instead, they have:

  • Increased the number of administrators by 63% since 2014;
  • Demanded top executive compensation that exceeds the governor’s pay by 61%.
  • Failed to deliver on promises to expand arts and music;
  • Refused to make much needed improvements for special needs students;
  • Rejected efforts to decrease student suspensions through a robust, bottom-up restorative practices culture that keeps kids in class;
  • Backtracked on signed agreement with teachers to improve recruitment and retention of educators.

We can fix the budget - and stop bureaucratic bloat–by returning the number of administrators to 2014–2015 levels and bringing administrative salaries in line with what the governor of California is paid. Those reasonable adjustments would immediately save the District $16.6 million per year.

Write an e-mail to urge Superintendent Jorge Aguilar and the Sacramento City School Board to put students first.

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