Governor Hochul is arguing that New York City, already overwhelmed with charter schools, deserves to have already failed charters called “zombies” reissued to new companies to operate in NYC. Email the Governor, the Education Committee, and your Senator and Assembly member and tell them New York City needs NO MORE CHARTERS!

New York City currently has hit its cap on charter schools, with more than 300 different locations within the 5 boroughs. We have approximately 30% of the State’s students, but we have more than 80% of the state’s charters.

And somehow, Governor Hochul has decided that we still need more.

What’s more, the state places funding burdens on the city that other school districts in the state would be exempted from if they received new charters: it makes the Department of Education pay the charter’s tuition and rent out of the money that funds our district schools.

Despite enrollment across the entire city decreasing, more than half of all NYC charter schools decreasing in enrollment, and despite numerous charters requesting reductions in their own enrollment goals, the Governor has decided to try to push this forward.

If the charters we currently have cannot fill seats, and if these charters have already failed, why would we add more?

Tell the Governor, tell your representatives, tell everyone: NO MORE CHARTERS!

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