Tell the TRS Conference Committee: The House Plan is the Way to Go!

Dear friends,

A small group of senators and representatives is about to settle the terms for improving the Teacher Retirement System, and we need your help sending a message to this conference committee: The House plan for TRS is the best plan!

The House and Senate each designed plans for improving TRS – but only the House plan truly benefits current and future retirees. We're really focused on these provisions the House version offers:

  • More commitment from the state: The Senate wants to make teachers pay even more out of their modest paychecks to fund TRS. The House plan requires the state, over a three-year period, to increase its contribution in order to match what educators and school districts are currently contributing to TRS.
  • A genuine "13th check" for retirees: The Senate wants to cap supplemental payments at $500. The House's plan offers retirees genuine relief with a 13th check up to $2400 – a payment that would actually resemble an average monthly pension payment.
  • A foundation to build from: The House Plan would return TRS to actuarial soundness, setting a foundation for more improvements for retirees moving forward.

We need YOUR HELP letting members in the conference committee know that the plan laid out by the House is the best approach we have this term for improving TRS. It's the best shot we have this session to ensure educators can retire in Texas with dignity and security.

It only takes a couple minutes to reach out to your legislators, so let's get started!




Keegan Shepherd, PhD
Pension Policy Coordinator
Texas Pension Coaltion