TELL THEM: We Need Federal Aid For People, Not Corporations!

Tell Senator Pat Toomey, Senator Bob Casey and your member of the House of Representatives —

“We don’t need another taxpayer-funded corporate giveaway. In response to the coronavirus, we must provide emergency relief to families in need, not handouts to corporate executives and stockholders. The Senate must put the needs of people first!”

We are calling on Pennsylvania’s senators and representatives to support the following policy principles and proposals in response to COVID-19:

  •        Relief needs to be directed to those with the most needs — people who are unemployed and underemployed not people who are doing well and not to help wealth corporations. We must ensure that people with low-incomes, Black and brown people, women, and immigrants, documented or not, do not bear an unfair burden in this crisis.
  •        Any corporate bailouts should only go to corporations that are devastated by the response to COVID-19 and that promise not to lay off employees and not to buy back their stock. We must also support small businesses, who are more vulnerable than large corporations, under the same conditions.
  •        Support for individuals must continue for the life of the crisis. While sending one or two checks will help people who are suffering some difficulties, those who have lost their jobs will need continuing help until our economy comes back to life.
  •        States need funds to avoid deep cuts to their k-12, education, and health care, programs which serve millions of children, students, adults, and seniors in PA. We also have to avoid cutbacks in state programs that can make our economic difficulties even worse.