Tell Trudeau: The BDS movement is NOT antisemitic!

Last week, Trudeau issued a long overdue apology on behalf of the Canadian government for turning away a ship full of Jewish refugees in 1939 to the eventual death of over 250 people by the Nazis.

Shamefully, Trudeau took this important opportunity to denounce the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement for Palestinian human rights, which he portrayed as an example of antisemitism today.

In making this false equivalency, Trudeau lends credence to Israel lobby efforts to silence Palestinians, Jews and others across Canada who support BDS as a peaceful means of putting pressure on the state of Israel to abide by international law.  

It has absolutely nothing to do with antisemitism, and saying so is slanderous.

IJV-member and Holocaust survivor Suzanne Weiss has already sent Trudeau a letter expressing her outrage.

Join Suzanne by sending your own message to Trudeau now that the BDS movement is NOT antisemitic!