Tell UW Administration, extend full transit benefits to all UW employees!

Since spring 2018, community allies and UW employees have been working together to push the UW to provide full transit benefits. Incentivizing public transit will reduce carbon emissions and pollution, make streets safer, ease gridlock, and free up parking for U-District neighbors — all matters of increasing urgency as the UW begins a massive expansion that will add thousands of commute trips every day.

We are making progress! The UW has agreed in union negotiations to provide fully-subsidized transit passes to over 10,000 employees starting July 1, 2019. This is around half of the UW’s Seattle workforce. We believe that all UW employees deserve this benefit. So, now we are asking the UW to extend this policy to cover all employees by July 1, 2019.

Please join us in urging the UW administration to extend its enlightened new policy to ALL employees.
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