Tell UW Transportation Services, extend U-PASS to all employees!

Several years ago, a coalition of community organizations and labor unions came together to push the University of Washington to fully subsidize transit for ALL employees. We made progress, winning this benefit for many employee groups.

Now, the UW Transportation Services committee is considering a proposal to extend a fully-subsidized U-PASS to many thousands of professional staff and faculty -- the two groups that were still left out of this benefit. If the proposal is adopted by the committee and then the Board of Regents, we will have succeeded in our efforts!!

Please take a moment to email UW Transportation Services in support of the U-PASS proposal. (We are also urging the UW to support affordable housing and transit expansion so that more employees can ride transit; and commenting on a proposal to increase parking costs, which is independent of the transit proposal, and recommending that the UW figure out a more equitable system of charging for parking that doesn't unduly burden lower-income employees and those who have no other option but to drive.)

More information about the proposals and the public hearing coming up Feb. 22:

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