Tell Wisconsin Lawmakers: Use Our Surplus to Help Our Kids NOW!

Gov. Tony Evers has declared a Special Session on education and called for a restoration of special education, mental health and sparsity aid to help students in every district fill the funding gaps by keeping the state's promise to provide 2/3 funding - a promise the 2019-2021 budget didn't keep.

Let your lawmakers know that you'd like to see $250 million of the surplus go toward meeting our kids' most pressing needs NOW. We can't afford to wait two more years to provide the supports they need today!

Click here to see how much special education aid your district would receive under this proposal, and click here to see how much sparsity aid 83 rural districts would receive under this proposal!

Under the proposal, the average homeowner would save $21 in property tax relief! This is a win/win for our communities, our children, and our public schools!