Tell Your Elected Officials: Stand with Public Library Employees Across Maryland to Exercise Their Right to Join a Union

Show your solidarity for Maryland Public Library Employees and support their right to join together and form a union. These hardworking public servants deserve the freedom to secure a strong voice at work and a chance to bargain for working conditions they need and deserve.

House Bill 1225 will give all the dedicated public library employees in Maryland the ability to bargain for better working conditions and a voice in the decision making process. A voice that is expected to improve the function and services to the communities they serve.

Since libraries in Maryland are created by state law, state legislation had to be drafted for library workers to be able to collectively bargain. This bill does that, giving them a voice, a vote and the means to help the library system thrive and grow in the future.

Maryland public library employees were on the frontlines throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, offering services and resources to all Maryland residents in every community. It’s time we say thank you and support them. This legislation is about protecting their freedom to have a voice and vote on the job. Tell your elected officials to vote YES on HB 1225.

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