Tell Your Elected Officials to #EvacuateEntergy

The bills are too damn high.

In the past couple of months, Entergy has been charging us hundreds of dollars more than usual just to keep the lights on. This comes less than a year since Entergy's grid failed us after Ida, leaving our city in the dark for weeks.

Now, Entergy is asking for a rate increase and for our help cleaning up their mess, even though they reported a record $1.4 billion in profit last year.

Today, we're asking our elected officials, specifically the New Orleans City Council and the Louisiana Public Service Commissioners, to not only deny these outrageous rate hikes, but to also pass a moratorium on shutoffs and force Entergy to divest from fossil fuels. Everyone should be able to live comfortably, with the lights and A/C on, in their own home.

Will you join us in emailing your elected representatives and asking them to #EvacuateEntergy and protect the comfort of their constituents?

The bills are already too damn high just so we can live comfortably in our own homes. Don't let them get higher.