Tell Gov Newsom: sign AB 57 to give cities & schools biodiverse Pocket Forests!


Please ask Governor Newsom to sign our bill!

Pocket Forests are small plots of urban land densely planted with local native plants. They provide human health benefits, build climate resiliency and mitigate extreme heat, advance equity and access to the benefits of nature, all while enhancing ecological biodiversity and supporting pollinator corridors.

Thanks to Assemblymember Ash Kalra, we have a chance to grow wild and diverse forests across California! His Assembly Bill 57 creates a pilot program to deliver pocket forests statewide. You can read the bill here.

This is important. The California Senate voted to pass this exciting bill!  Now it goes to the Governor, who will either sign it or veto it.  You will help ensure success, if you can decide to send a quick note to the Governor. Just a click of your mouse can make all the difference!

Your voice matters! Because this is urgent, can you please send your quick note now?