Tell Your Legislator to Reject HB 1800!

The General Assembly is planning considering HB 1800 – a bill that would make it harder for Pennsylvanians to vote in a secure, convenient, and accessible manner and would place barriers and additional burdens on parents, seniors, students, and election workers.

They also are considering HB1596, legislation to make multiple changes to the Constitution, changing the deadline to cut people off from registering to voter closer to the election and including Voter ID restrictions.

Creating additional hoops to jump through and confusion about the voting process will limit who gets to participate in our democracy and hurts our Commonwealth and our nation.  

We need policies that make voting safer, more convenient, and more accessible to all. To move forward together as a Commonwealth, we must ensure that every eligible Pennsylvania voter can cast a ballot to elect leaders who govern in our interests.

We must fight back and defend the right to vote in PA! Fill in your information on the right to contact your state legislators and tell them to reject HB1800 and HB 1596. Help us fight to ensure that all Pennsylvanians have equal access to the ballot box. Filling in your zip code allows us to target your legislator. Thank you for your support!