Tell Your Legislator to See the Pretrial Fairness Act Through to Implementation!

Protect the Pretrial Fairness Act

Last year, communities across Illinois worked with our state legislators to pass the Pretrial Fairness Act, a law that will end money bond and ensure that no one is jailed while awaiting trial simply because they can’t afford to purchase their freedom. The Pretrial Fairness Act will improve community safety and make our pretrial system more fair, but some are attacking legislators who voted for the Pretrial Fairness Act and trying to intimidate them into rolling it back or repealing it before it goes into full effect!

Use this form to send this letter to your legislator letting them know you want them to stand strong against calls to roll back or repeal the Pretrial Fairness Act!

Together, we can protect this historic policy change that will expand pretrial freedom and justice throughout Illinois!