Tell Your Legislators To Support HB 5469 - Sample Letter Included

The Education Committee has passed HB 5469 An Act Concerning Student Data Privacy out of committee. However the bill is still in need of a few provisions to provide our state with a comprehensive law including:

  •   Extending requirements to all contracts that include student Personally-Identifiable-Information (right now it only applies to electronic records storage vendors, like cloud storage companies.  It should reach all contractors and consultants who handle student PII.)
  • Clarifying that protections also cover students between the ages of 18 and 21 who attend public schools, particularly those with special needs (right now it is defined as pre-k-to grade 12 only, leaving out those students who remain in the system until 21)
  • Including enforcement penalties and breach remedies
  • Better defining “Industry standard” best practices for storage, transmission, and role based access

Write to your legislator to ensure that HB 5469 covers all data, all public school children and young adults still in the system with enforcement and includes penalties for those who violate the law.

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