Tell your MP to pass C-50 at third reading

The federal government has introduced legislation—Bill C-50, the Canadian Sustainable Jobs Act—to help workers achieve a Just Transition to a low-carbon economy. The bill was passed at the House of Commons committee and is now going back to the House for third reading.

As workers, we need to have a voice at the table when plans and programs are developed to decarbonize our jobs. Having a voice at the table will help ensure workers can move to good, sustainable jobs that will see us into the future and will help to ensure our communities are considered and strengthened. Strong legislation will play an important role in achieving this. And so, Members of Parliament must support the Canadian Sustainable Jobs Act.

Workers across the country are telling MPs how important their support is to ensure we not only minimize the negative impacts of the transition to a green economy but also maximize the benefits and opportunities for workers and communities. You can help make this happen for all workers—not only for fossil fuel workers, but also for health care workers, restaurant workers, and many others who work in communities that will also be impacted by the energy transition.

Your voice is important! Tell your MP to support this legislation!