Tell your Ohio legislators to move the primary!

The Ohio Redistricting Commission and General Assembly have continued to adopt gerrymandered maps along party lines, despite the Ohio Supreme Court continuing to strike them down, thus dragging out the redistricting process months past when it should have been squared away.

At the same time, Ohio's legislators are insisting on sticking to the May 3rd primary date. They are using the pressure of an impending primary date to try to force the Court to accept rigged maps.

Rather than move the primary, which boards of elections and advocates have requested, the same legislative leaders drawing unconstitutional maps are insisting on holding a primary election when voters don’t know their districts or candidates, and when there isn't enough time left to make sure overseas military voters can receive and return their ballots!

Ohioans deserve a free and fair election. By refusing to move the primary, the Ohio General Assembly is injecting further chaos into our election system.  

We need a primary date that works for everyone, including overseas military voters! We first need fair maps to be adopted that are then approved by the Ohio Supreme Court. Boards of Elections need enough time to administer secure, fair, and accessible elections. Voters need to know their district and research their candidates. Candidates need time to know their districts and get on the ballot. All of these concerns can be alleviated if the General Assembly votes to move the primary.

Click “start writing” to send an email to your legislators today to tell them to move the primary! Be sure to let your lawmakers know if you are a veteran or active duty armed services.

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