Tell Your PA State Legislators: It's Time To Raise The Wage!

Every state surrounding our Commonwealth has raised their minimum wage, while Pennsylvania remains at a dismal $7.25, where it was 10 years ago. But we have a chance to raise the wage in the next two months if you contact your legislator today and demand it!

We are asking you to send a letter to your representatives and senators to demand that they publicly support legislation to raise the minimum wage.

Republican legislators are already whispering among themselves that the time has come to raise the minimum wage. But we need them to say so out loud and tell their leaders that raising the minimum wage has to be part of finishing the state in the next two months.

Your legislator is one of those who can be moved to speak out. But it won’t happen until you insist on it.

Why do we have to raise the wage? One reason is that people who work full time jobs should be paid enough to live dignified lives. And huge corporations that pay less than a living wage shouldn’t have their workforce subsidized by state and federal food stamp, Medicaid, and child care programs.

Another reason is that raising the minimum wage for two million Pennsylvanians benefits all of us. Our local economies suffer when too many jobs don't pay enough for our neighbors to afford the basics – things like food, car repairs and eyeglasses. Raising the wage floor help those making the minimum wage and pushes wages up for people who now make more than the minimum wage, too. This increases spending, boosts the local economy, and creates jobs.

Many Republican legislators, including yours, are starting to get this. But, motivated by leadership and business interests, their leadership is waffling. If you tell your legislator the time to raise the minimum wage is now, we have a chance to secure a vote before the end of June.

Policymakers in our neighboring states recognize that raising the minimum wage is good for the economy; that’s why every state in our region including West Virginia, Maryland, Ohio, New York, New Jersey and Delaware has already raised the wage floor. Contrary to the scare tactics of opponent of raising the wage, both wages and employment have gone up far faster in those states than in Pennsylvania.

Please use this tool to tell your legislators to publicly support raising the minimum wage, today!

Tell them to embrace legislation introduced by Representatives Patty Kim and Chris Rabb (HB1215) and Senator Christine Tartaglione (SB12). These House and Senate bills embody the proposals put forward by Governor Wolf and meet the five principles endorsed by We The People and The Raise the Wage PA Coalition.

1.   They require an increase in the minimum wage to $12 an hour on July 1, 2019, with further increase of 50 cent  each year until the minimum wage is $15 by July 1, 2025.

2.   They include starting in 2026 a small annual cost of living adjustment to the minimum wage.

3.   They establish one fair wage for all workers including those that earn tips.

4.   They empower local governments to establish a higher minimum wage to better reflect the local cost of living.

5.   They boost fines on employers who engage in wage theft and fund better enforcement of our labor laws.

Please tell your state representative and senator and tell back HB1215 in the state House and the Tartaglione bill (SB12) in the state Senate.

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