Tell your representative to co-sponsor Saving America's Pollinators Act!

photo by Renée Scott

Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D - Oregon) and Rep. Jim McGovern (D - Massachusetts), have introduced a groundbreaking bill that directs the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to take actions to protect pollinators.

The bill states that the EPA must “take measures to reverse declines in pollinator populations, including by identifying and addressing threats faced by pollinators, including the immediate threats presented by neonicotinoid pesticides, other systemic insecticides, and other pesticides”.

It states that the Center for Pollinator Conservation must protect and consider native bees and other native pollinators to ensure their long term health and that “scientists, conservation groups, beekeepers, organic farmers, and other parties that have a substantial interest in the protection and conservation of pollinators” must be part of the conversation.

Full text of the bill is here.

In addition to Rep. McGovern, only Reps Neal and Lynch have co-sponsored from Massachusetts so far. We need to fix that! Send a letter through this form or contact your US representative directly and ask them to sign on to this critically important bill.