Tell Your Representatives: Support Collective Bargaining Rights for Rideshare Drivers!

Rideshare drivers are workers, and we should have the right to minimum wage, overtime, paid sick leave, and a path to unionization. Bill S.2778 is working its way through the Massachusetts legislature, and it would give rideshare drivers the right to unionize.

Right now drivers, as independent contractors, CANNOT UNIONIZE. The Attorney General's misclassification lawsuit will likely take years to resolve, and even if we win there is no certainty that the National Labor Relations Board will treat drivers fairly. Union rights can't wait! We need a redundant system at the state level to GUARANTEE union rights for TNC drivers regardless of classification.

In its current form, S.2778 creates a path to collective bargaining for drivers, mandates that we get access to drivers' contact information, and orders the TNCs to bargain with a certified driver representative.

While it's a good start, the bill should be amended to:

  • Apply to drivers whether they are independent contractors or employees;
  • Confirm the independence of prospective unions, disallowing those with financial ties to TNC companies;  
  • Clarify which drivers are eligible to vote in favor of establishing a union;
  • Give drivers the right to vote if we do not receive signatures from 50 percent of drivers, and;
  • Remove the clause that requires a drivers union to have “experience in assisting stakeholders in reaching consensus agreements with, or related to, employers and contractors.”
We need you to contact the legislators with the power to make these crucial changes to S.2778. Enter your information and submit your letter!
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