Tell Your State Lawmaker: Oppose Stand Your Ground


Less than two months after the Parkland massacre, Ohio lawmakers are advancing TWO different bills to eliminate the duty to retreat when firing a gun in self defense. These so-called Stand Your Ground (aka "shoot first") laws allow armed individuals to use deadly force even when it would have been possible to safely leave the situation.

Ohio already has a "castle doctrine," in which individuals have no duty to retreat in their homes or vehicles. SB180 and HB228 would extend this "shoot first, ask questions later" mentality to the public square, potentially escalating verbal and physical confrontations into gunfights.

We have to stop these bills in their tracks. Today we're asking Ohioans to urge their Lawmakers to oppose SB180 and HB228, two dangerous Stand Your Ground proposals pending in the Ohio legislature.

To send your letter, fill in the information on the right so we can identify your district representatives. If you prefer to contact your lawmakers on your own, you can find contact information at and

The hearings on both bills are scheduled for today-April 9, 2018. Check back at this website or watch for updates from us about developments on these bills.

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