Tell Your State Senator: Oppose Stand Your Ground

Earlier this month, the Ohio House voted to enact dangerous new gun legislation. Now the bill moves to the Senate, where hearings and a vote are likely to happen next week.

House Bill 228, a so-called Stand Your Ground bill, would allow armed individuals to use deadly force instead of walking away when it is safe to do so. The bill also shifts the burden to prosecutors to convince juries beyond a reasonable doubt that a shooter did not act in self defense when shooting to kill. Unfortunately the only other witness in many such encounters is dead.

The bill also decreases the penalty on violations of Ohio's concealed carry laws to a minor misdemeanor -- essentially a slap on the wrist. And it prohibits Ohio cities from enacting gun legislation, further eroding local control over community safety.

We have to stop this proposal. Can we count on you to contact your State Senator and ask them to oppose HB228?

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