Tell Your State Lawmaker: Support Gun Reform Proposals


Ohio's gun laws get a D from the Giffords Center To Prevent Gun Violence. Recently, Governor John Kasich outlined several weakness in Ohio laws, outlining six areas in which he believes they need reform.

We can't let the Ohio legislature win by waiting out the remainder of Governor Kasich's term before sending him common sense measures that he's already said he would sign. We need to pressure lawmakers to send these bills to his desk. Today we're asking Ohioans to contact their State Lawmakers and urge them to support common sense gun reform bills that have been introduced in the Ohio General Assembly.

These bills are not getting the hearings they deserve, and pressure from constituents is critical to get them moving. Gun rights proponents are blasting their legislators with appeals to do nothing. It's our job to overwhelm them. To send your letter, fill in the information on the right so we can identify your State House and Senate district representatives.

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Columbus, OH