Tell your state lawmakers to approve Governor Wolf's education funding proposal without any cuts!

Take a minute to send a letter to your state lawmakers telling them to approve and enact Governor Wolf's proposal for $1.75 billion in new funding for our local public schools without any cuts.

Instead of investing in our children, some lawmakers want to hoard billions of dollars in cash in Harrisburg and continue to impose austerity on our public schools. They are happy to force property tax increases, cuts in programs and services for students, and yet another year of grossly inadequate resources in our schools.

We cannot let the legislature get away with an austerity budget when Harrisburg is flush with cash. This is an all hands on deck budget season and we are going to need your help.

Pennsylvania ranks 45th in the nation for state share of funding for schools and according to a benchmark in state law. Pennsylvania school districts are underfunded by an eye-popping $4.6 billion each year.

When the state is cheap, it puts excessive pressure on property taxes to fund schools. Year in and year out, school districts raise taxes and still struggle to balance their budgets and give students the educational opportunities they need and deserve.

PENNSYLVANIA HAS THE MONEY to make Governor Wolf’s proposed investment of $1.75 billion to support our children and our communities.

Estimates show that Pennsylvania will have an accumulated surplus and unspent funds available of almost $12 billion by the end of June, thanks to a strong economy and higher-than expected tax collections combined with unspent federal dollars.

Please take two minutes to contact your state lawmakers today.

Governor Wolf’s proposal for $1.75 billion in new education funding for public schools includes:

  • $1.25 billion increase through the Basic Education Funding formula to all 500 school districts

  • $300 million Level Up supplement allocated through the BEF formula to the 100 poorest school districts

  • $200 million special education increase

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