Tell your state lawmakers to rein in wasteful spending by cyber charter schools!

Are you tired of cyber charter schools wasting property tax dollars on advertising, lavish CEO salaries, tickets to Major League baseball games, parties at Dave & Busters, and lucrative contracts with communications and lobbying firms?

Do you support the PA legislature aligning tuition payments to charter schools with their actual costs to rein in the wasteful spending of tax dollars to reduce the need for school districts to raise property taxes?

Please take a minute to tell your state lawmakers to support funding reforms for cyber charter schools that will more closely align cyber charter tuition rates with actual costs by setting a flat tuition rate for cyber charter regular education students and more closely aligning tuition rates for special education students to reduce the profits that charters reap off of payments for students with disabilities.

Pennsylvanians cannot afford for state lawmakers to continue protecting charter schools’ profits.

Take action to tell your state lawmakers to support reforms to rein in cyber charter waste today!

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