Attention Londoners! Let's demand the Mayoral candidates hear our voices

The image depicts a poster related to the London Mayoral Election of 2024. The background is a bright teal colour, and at the centre, there is a hand holding up a yellow square paper with a large black "X" marked on it, suggesting a vote or a ballot.  At the bottom of the poster, in bold white letters against the teal background, it reads "OUR DEMANDS" followed by "From Inclusion London."

Attention Londoners! Our chance to shape a genuinely inclusive city is here. Let's demand the Mayoral candidates hear our voices!

Write to them now, urging them to read Inclusion London's Manifesto – Six Steps to an Inclusive and Equal London and attend the April husting. This is our opportunity to hold them accountable and ensure disability rights are at the heart of their campaigns. Share your experiences and demand action for a London where everyone thrives. Your voice matters. Make it heard!

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