Thank DC Councilmembers who voted to end homelessness, pay childcare workers better, and provide income support

On July 20, the DC Council voted to raise taxes on high-income earners to fund urgent needs in the community. The effort was led by Councilmembers Allen, Lewis George and Nadeau. It passed 8-5.

Here's where the money will go:

  • ending homelessness for 2,400 households
  • funding higher wages for early child care educators
  • expanding the Earned Income Tax Credit, essentially providing a monthly basic income to the District's low-income families

This was an immense victory for housing justice and racial equity. We hope you will join us in taking a moment to thank the Councilmembers who supported this proposal. As a result of their votes, childcare workers will achieve pay equity, low-income workers will get the income support they need, and 2400 families and individuals will no longer be homeless-- instead they will be in stable, permanent deeply affordable housing.

Here's how the vote broke out:

Brianne Nadeau (Ward 1) (leader)
Janeese Lewis George (Ward 4) (leader)
Charles Allen (Ward 6) (leader)
Vincent Gray (Ward 7)
Trayon White (Ward 8)
Christina Henderson (at large)
Elissa Silverman (at large)
Robert White (at large)

Phil Mendelson (Chairman)
Brooke Pinto (Ward 2)
Mary Cheh (Ward 3)
Kenyan McDuffie (Ward 5)
Anita Bonds (at large, Chair of housing committee)