Thank our leaders for lifting more families and children out of poverty!

The Invest in Tomorrow bills, LIFT (LD 1774) and STEP (LD 1772), have PASSED UNANIMOUSLY in the Maine House and Senate, and are on their way to the Governor's desk!

These bills contain more than just policy changes and financial support for low-income Maine families. They hold hope for communities in every corner of Maine. They were passed "under the hammer," which means they were unopposed in the Maine House and Senate.

Poverty should know no political bounds, and at the State House that ideal has become a reality when it came to passing these bills.

Allina Diaz, a mother of three who is going to school under the Parents as Scholars program said, “This law will mean so much, not just for parents and their kids, but whole communities. When you help one person out of poverty, it gives them hope and that touches everyone around them and gives more people the chance to support each other. There are so many unseen effects from a change like this, so many people who have so much potential that will now be reached.”

The bill sponsors deserve a special thank you for their vision and stewardship. Please share a note of thanks to the sponsors of LIFT and STEP here. Tell them you support their leadership in working to eliminate child poverty and provide new opportunities to Maine families!

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Letter Campaign by
Alison Weiss
Augusta, Maine