CDC is supposed to CONTROL & PREVENT disease

Below is a letter I sent to President Joe Biden in response to the ever more disastrous “guidance” & lack thereof coming out of the CDC. The letter is editable, feel free to add or subtract as needed in the form. Also feel free to copy & paste the letter to use & send it yourself through the White House contact page, or however you like.

Please join me in registering this complaint thanks,

-- Chloe

Dear President Joe Biden,

I should not have to argue or beg for my safety everywhere because a reckless government agency is abdicating their duty to guard public health. The policies keep getting worse, and make it more & more difficult for me to protect myself and navigate public places safely.

Americans deserve better than this. I did not consent to the continuing devastation of death and disability the ongoing pandemic is thrusting upon us needlessly.

You need to make the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention actually do CONTROL AND PREVENTION to stop the spread of this preventable disease and stop the preventable deaths.

Civilizations have known how to do this for ages, it isn't rocket science. You ran for election on fixing this -- fix it! I don't want to hear any excuses or a can't-do attitude. Fix it.

You may use this action network form, or copy & paste the letter into the White House contact form, or print it and send it in the mail, or just call the White House and tell them on the phone.

White House Contact form:
White House Phone #: 202-456-1111 — TTY / TTD 202-456-6213
White House Mailing address: 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW Washington, DC 20500
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