This is the Week! Tell Biden to declare a climate emergency

President Biden can acknowledge the global crisis, and call Joe Manchin’s bluff, by signing an executive order declaring a climate emergency under the National Emergencies Act. And this symbolic declaration must be accompanied by real executive action.

  1. Biden should shut off crude oil exports, which are driving up the price of gas and the amount of carbon in our atmosphere.

  2. The President should also more directly manage exports of liquefied methane gas (LNG) to make sure we’re sending European allies just enough to manage the winter, and not a 30-year supply that cooks the planet.

  3. President Biden should also direct the Secretary of Defense to redirect a portion of military spending (which has grown dramatically since the start of the war in Ukraine) to build renewable energy and electric heat pumps.

  4. And Biden must expand his actions under the Defense Production Act to provide critical loan guarantees and ensure a comprehensive buildout of just, renewable energy development that creates millions of good union jobs.

Use this page to tell President Biden to Declare a national climate emergency, and take meaningful executive action to back up the symbolic declaration.

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