Thrive 2050 - Let's Get It Right - Together

Kai Hagen

The Thrive 2050 plan is a sweeping update to the County's master plan that will guide growth, transportation and land use for the coming decades. In other words - a highly consequential document. The problem - in the middle of a pandemic this plan is speeding toward adoption without the resident input it needs. Currently, this plan does not meet the moment by protecting forests, preparing for climate changes and ensuring racial and housing equity. The record on this issue is closing July 9th.

The draft plan falls short in ways that significantly weaken its ability to guide our County toward resilience. Between December 2020 and March 2021 various revisions made to the public hearing draft erased content largely relegating environmental protection, climate change response and the role of the Agricultural Reserve to an appendix of suggested actions. The transmittal letter noted that the appendices are not part of the plan. We ask that that council review the previous draft and return to the plan those deleted sections that best help Montgomery County meet its goals, especially those related to climate change resilience.

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