Thrive Listening Sessions - Make Your Voice Heard

The Potomac, one of many water resources not meaningfully addressed in the draft Thrive 2050.

Thrive 2050 is the update to the County’s general land use plan that will govern how our county meets our challenges in the coming decades.  Community engagement during this tumultuous time has been challenging and some seek swiftly moving the plan toward approval by the council. Your voice matters.

In the eyes of many county residents, Thrive 2050 is not yet ready for approval, the deleted environmental chapter being just one reason. Incoming Council President Albornoz has advanced a series of listening sessions hosted by the County Advisory Boards representing the geographic areas of the County. While this is a welcome development, finding out how to participate in these sessions has been challenging. (The Silver Spring and East County sessions already occurred). We've gathered the links for the remaining sessions.  Click these links at the appointed time to join:

These listening sessions are meant to have residents respond to some key questions. Acknowledging that many may not be able to attend the set sessions and that time constraints of each session limit participation MCA is providing an online opportunity through this form for residents to be heard. Your responses will go to the Council and County Executive. Take a look at the questions and click "start writing" to add share your concerns about Thrive 2050, you may pick and choose which questions you answer.

1. Is this vision consistent with your views of how the County should develop and grow over the next three decades?

2. In your opinion, what are the three most important issues facing the County as it relates to land use (such as availability of affordable housing, accessible, convenient and reliable transportation, access to parks and open space within your community, preservation of historic and environmental resources, and proximity to jobs, retail, entertainment, arts and culture).

3. Does Thrive address these issues in its vision, policies or practices? If not, what would you add or change?

4. In order to maintain and improve the County’s quality of life, what issues should the County focus on in the next 20-30 years- if these are different from the issues discussed earlier?

5. Do the policies and practices in Thrive provide sufficient guidance to address these issues? If not, what would you add or change?

Click "start writing" to share your answers with the Council - and thanks, it matters!

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