Together, We Can Make Polluters Pay in 2021! Contact Your Representatives Today!

If you believe companies that dump their waste on our communities should pay to clean them up, take 2 minutes to fill out the form on this page and send a letter to your representatives about the Superfund Polluters Pay Restoration Act of 2021!

This summer, Congress is finally getting ready to vote on a bill to bring back the Polluters Pay Tax, and over 200 grassroots environmental justice groups have already sent a letter to President Biden voicing their support! Polluters Pay is essential to protecting our communities from corporate pollution and holding polluters accountable for their messes. Time is of the essence, and we need to come together to make our voices heard.

According to September 2020 data from EPA, approximately 73 million people (1 in 5 Americans) live within 3 miles of a toxic Superfund site. The toxins dumped at these sites seriously endanger the health of people living nearby. These sites are disproportionately located where low-income people, indigenous communities, immigrants, and people of color live. We urgently need funds to pay for cleanups of neighborhoods that have been hurting too long. We must place the responsibility back on polluters to restore these sites back to safe, healthy areas. To learn more, visit our website or read about the importance of Polluters Pay here.

We at CHEJ urge you to raise your voice in support of the Polluters Pay Bill by sending a letter to your representatives. Thank you for taking the time to show your support on this important issue!